Strategic Alliances

The Board of FIAUK is proud to be a key player in a number of strategic alliances on behalf of its members

Flexographic Technical Association Europe (FTA Europe)

FIAUK is one of the founding members of FTA Europe, the umbrella organisation for flexographic printing associations in Europe. It was established in 2015 to represent and advance the common interests of the European flexo printing industry. The association provides a common platform for European flexo associations to exchange, collaborate and align.

FTA Europe has created a bi-annual FTA Diamond Awards programme, a digital Best Practice Toolbox and is working on a number of projects on behalf of the sector.

Debbie Waldron Hoines, FIAUK Consultant CEO, sits on the Board of FTA Europe to represent the needs of the UK flexographic industry and our members.

Flexographic Technical Association Europe (FTA Europe)

FTA Europe aims to create:

Synergies by sharing existing programmes and resources and avoiding duplications
Better alignment of programmes, skills and technical competences across national borders
A professional framework of training, education and joint testing, research and development
A common voice towards the EU institutions in Brussels
A platform to apply for EU funding

The Graphics and Print Media Alliance (GPMA)

GPMA consists of trade associations representing companies operating in the graphics and print media industry supply chain.

Between them, the trade associations represent some 3,471 companies, the majority of which are SMEs, which, combined, in the UK have an annual turnover of £15 billion and employ 106,000 people.

Trade Associations have a crucial role to play in promoting best practice, helping companies become more competitive and formulating effective public policy and delivery. The GPMA is a vehicle for these associations to act as the co-ordinated voice of business when talking to government, and a means of quickly disseminating messages about Government policy to their members. Productive engagement between Associations and Government is very important for the policy making process.

Debbie Waldron-Hoines, Consultant CEO, is currently Vice Chair of the GPMA.

The Graphics and Print Media Alliance (GPMA)

The objective of the GPMA is to represent the interests of companies operating in the printing industry supply chain by:

Providing a forum for member associations to discuss issues of common interest and to formulate agreed positions
Sharing the expertise and knowledge of the member associations
Streamlining and co-ordinating advocacy activities
Liaising with other industry associations and organisations

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Packaging Federation

The Packaging Federation is the over-arching trade association for the UK Packaging Manufacturing Industry.  It is a unique representative body for companies and organisations in the UK packaging manufacturing sector and associated activities.  The UK Packaging Manufacturing Industry has annual sales of £11 Billion and employs some 85,000 people – representing 3% of the UK’s manufacturing workforce. It is a major contributor to the UK GDP and a vital link in the Packaging Supply Chain.

At a time when packaging is firmly in the spotlight, it provides a strong voice for the Packaging Sector as a whole. Its role is to provide a balanced picture of the role of packaging in society and to lobby for a balanced debate on its worth and environmental impact. In pursuing this, it has regular and vigorous dialogue with Government, politicians, media, supply chain partners and the wider public.

The Packaging Federation actively promotes the economic importance of the industry, the products that it produces, the considerable benefits that derive from the use of packaging and the industry’s responsible concern for both the community and the environment.

FIAUK works closely with the Packaging Federation to represent the views of its members to government via the APPG and is able to get details and plans on policies back to its members.

The Retail Institute, Leeds Beckett University

The Retail Institute is one of the UK’s key academic research centres, leading the consumer experiences of the future in retail, food and packaging.

It is a research centre that applies academic knowledge to solve industry challenges in consumer engagement with products, packaging and retail services.

Its work is underpinned by three core research themes, each of which is led by a senior academic expert and a team of research fellows:

  • Retail Business Globalisation
  • Product and Packaging Innovation
  • Consumer of the future

FIAUK is part of the Future of Packaging Industry Forum led by the Retail Institute and is working with them on a number of sustainability initiatives.

FIAUK is proud to be supported by a number of partners

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