The FIAUK Hive:

At the start of 2023, FIAUK decided to adopt a beehive as part of its sustainability program.

Hosting a thriving colony of honey bees aligns with the association’s commitment to environmental responsibility. A species under threat, honey bees play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity and supporting natural ecosystems. By providing a suitable habitat for bees, FIAUK contributes to the conservation of pollinators and the preservation of local plant communities.

FIAUK Board Member, Matt Bates, is a beekeeper (or apiarist), and volunteered to create, manage and take care of our important new members!

Matt created this hive from an existing colony by taking eggs, brood and a number of young bees and moving them in to their shiny new FIAUK home. Over the following five weeks, the bees raised their own new Queen to head up the colony.

She hatched, left the hive to get mated and safely returned to the hive. Upon inspecting the hive on June 4th 2023, the Queen had started to lay eggs and the colony was established!

Honey bee Facts:

Looking to support the wild bee population? Plant a bee-friendly garden!

Why not meet the new FIAUK members for yourself? If any members are interested in visiting the hive, located in Derbyshire, to learn more about beekeeping, Matt will happily accommodate this.