FIAUK Plate Recycling Project Update 

Following the recent announcement from MacDermid Graphics Solutions regarding plate recycling in the USA, FIAUK can now give a short update on its specific plate project in the UK. 

The new announcement from MacDermid builds on the existing workstream to take used printing plates and convert them into a raw material.  A summary of the project can be found here. 

The focus now is to concentrate recycling plates into new materials to support the wider flexo industry creating a more circular solution.   

Matt Bates, project lead for the FIAUK Plate Recycling Project, welcomes Kristan Russell, European Technical Director for MacDermid, into the Project Team. 

Kristan commented: “I’m excited to be leading this project for MacDermid and to be part of the FIAUK team. This announcement is a huge step forward in creating a solution for used flexo plates. Our approach to develop new products for the industry brings further circularity and the new products will be recyclable too. 

“As work continues in the US to complete additional testing of the newly developed products, I am leading the project within Europe to replicate the solution. Our focus is to establish partners to mirror the US technology. From here, we can look to build the infrastructure for both plate collection and distribution of newly created products.” 

Kristan is looking forward to supporting FIAUK on moving the project forward in the UK. Further updates will follow in due course. 

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