New Asahi Solvent ZERO blog 

FIAUK Ruby Partner Asahi has released the latest blog from Technical Marketing Manager, Dr. Dieter Niederstadt. The blog explores Asahi’s progress towards Solvent ZERO operations, and why the initiative is so important. 

The Road Towards Solvent ZERO 

Dr. Dieter Niederstadt, Technical Marketing Manager at Asahi Photoproducts 

I remember a colleague, visiting a photopolymer platemaking company and he saw the owner’s baby sleeping quietly in a room next to the plate production room. There was the smell of solvent odour in the corridors and he was wondering if this must not be the responsibility of the supplier to help in making changes for the better. Is our industry really doing all it can to ensure the health of mankind? That does not mean that using solvent washouts is inherently harmful or outside of the legal limits, but it is definitely nicer to be inside a pleasant ambient environment without the permanent smell of VOC solvents. 

Many companies in our industry use hydrocarbon-based washout solvents in their plate making operations. In order to reduce the use of these chemicals and the resulting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions solvent creates, Asahi Photoproducts has worked for decades to create a solvent “ZERO” environment in the flexographic industry and position those that implement these more sustainable Solvent ZERO platemaking solutions as heroes in their respective companies. 

Asahi Photoproducts began producing our first water wash APR resin plates in 1971. Since that time, there have been several industry milestones Asahi has achieved, demonstrating that we are concerned about the environment. These achievements are in line with the philosophy of our parent company, Asahi Kasei, whose products and services are designed to ensure a sustainable contribution to life and living for people around the world. Asahi Kasei has established a whole-of-company goal of carbon neutrality for all of its operations by 2050. 

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