Packaging Recycling Note (PRN) Proposed Revisions 

Valpak has shared an important update on the retention of the PRN system, and what it means for the packaging industry. 

Importantly, Valpak will be submitting a whitepaper to DEFRA, supported by the Packaging Federation calling for enhancements to the PRN system, independently of wider packaging reforms. 

“Much of DEFRA’s focus across 2023 has been on the delivery of packaging Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). As part of those reforms, the Packaging Recycling Note (PRN) system is being retained for the foreseeable future. 

The retention of the PRN system should be viewed as a positive outcome for producers – the system ensures producers contribute to recycling at the minimum necessary cost to ensure national targets are met. 

Whilst having operated effectively as originally designed for over 25 years, there are growing calls across industry for DEFRA to consider how the EPR reform process could accommodate enhancements to the PRN system, to ensure it continues to deliver value for money for producers and addresses some of their concerns regarding transparency, cost and volatility. 

DEFRA consulted the industry in Spring 2022 on introducing enhancements to the PRN system, however, despite producers clearly expressing a desire for DEFRA to introduce an array of enhancements. To date they’re only set to introduce minor amendments to PRN revenue usage reporting requirements on recyclers and exporters from 2025, as opposed to pursuing valuable price-moderation measures. 

In responding to industry following that consultation, DEFRA has advised it will keep the price-moderation measures consulted upon under review, yet nothing has been publicly communicated in 2023 on their next steps.  

As a result, Valpak has constructed a whitepaper calling on DEFRA to introduce a number of enhancements to the PRN system, irrespective of whether the wider packaging reforms are introduced as currently planned across 2025/26 or delayed further. 

Valpak has secured support in principle from stakeholders across the value chain and would be delighted to have the support of FIAUK and its individual members support when submitting it to DEFRA. 

If you have any questions, please contact George Atkinson, Valpak’s Head of Policy, at 

Click here to view the draft whitepaper. 

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