Siegwerk’s new UniNATURE barrier coating revolutionizes the use of paper plates 

FIAUK Diamond partner, Siegwerk has announced the successful certification of its new water-based coating UniNATURE Water-Oil Barrier Coating for single-use paper plates.  

The new functional barrier solution is made from 100% natural content and has proven to effectively reduce the absorption of water, oil and grease on plate stock intended for direct food contact while maintaining its recycling through the paper recovery cycle. Therewith, the new barrier coating offers a sustainable alternative to replace restricted coatings on single-use paper plates according to Single Use Plastics Directive (EU 2019/904) and other relevant legislations. By enhancing the recyclability of disposable paper plates, Siegwerk’s new solution helps to keep resources in the loop, fully in line with a Circular Economy. 

“Paper packaging with barrier requirements often uses coated or laminated materials, which not only make the packaging hard to recycle, but also lead to further environmental problems for example due to microplastics or persistent chemicals,” explains Anna Maier, Head of Global WB Coatings Technology Platform at Siegwerk. “Here, the use of sustainable barrier coatings can help to replace these hard-to- recycle paper laminates and thus help keep valuable resources in a circular economy.”  

By using the right barrier coating we can ensure the functionality of paper-based packaging, maintain the highest possible level of safety during food contact, as well as support the circular economy by minimizing the use of resources and maximizing the potential to recover them after use. Moreover, a high share of natural materials in barrier coatings helps to create bio-degradable packaging and avoid issues with microplastics and bio-accumulation, thus adding an indispensable value to the paper packaging’s end-of-life in the sense of a Circular Economy.  

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