FIAUK research partner, the Retail Institute, launches its Collaborative Group for the Future of Packaging starts on January 9th. 

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Join retailers, brand owners, and packaging leaders for a series of transformative workshops, expertly guided by Professor Jeff Gold using Futures & Foresight methodology. The aim of the group is to empower leaders to craft forward-thinking, long-term strategies for optimising packaging, innovation and sustainability choices.

🔮 Why Futures & Foresight?
Futures & Foresight methodology is widely used by governments and organisations for
policy and strategy development. This approach involves a meticulous long-term analysis of external factors.  

In the dynamic world of packaging, the approach equips leaders with robust intelligence to anticipate market demands, fostering the creation of resilient strategies for an ever-changing landscape. With Prof. Jeff Gold, a global authority on Futures & Foresight thinking, leading each session, participants are in for an unparalleled learning experience. 

The aim of the proposed Collaborative Group on the Future of Packaging is to continue fostering dialogue and knowledge sharing among key stakeholders in the packaging industry. The group will provide a platform for industry leaders to discuss and explore emerging trends, technologies, and best practices in sustainable packaging. With the growing awareness of environmental issues, there is a need for innovative solutions that minimise waste, reduce carbon emissions, and promote circular economy principles.  

Additionally, the Collaborative Group on the Future of Packaging aims to address regulatory complexities that businesses face in relation to packaging materials. The evolving landscape of legislation surrounding plastics usage requires companies to stay informed and adapt their practices accordingly. By bringing together experts from various sectors within the industry, this group can facilitate discussions on compliance with regulations such as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes or plastic taxes.  

Furthermore, this collaborative effort will enable participants to explore opportunities for collaboration throughout the value chain. From raw material suppliers to manufacturers, retailers, and consumers – all stakeholders play a crucial role in driving sustainable packaging initiatives forward. By fostering partnerships and sharing knowledge across these different stages of production and consumption, new synergies can be created that lead to more effective sustainability strategies. 

The proposed Collaborative Group on the Future of Packaging seeks to build upon previous successful initiatives by providing a platform for industry leaders to collectively address challenges related to sustainable packaging. Through open dialogue and collaboration across sectors, this group aims to drive innovation while navigating complex regulations towards a more environmentally conscious future for the packaging industry. 

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