Discover The Tesa® Tape Audit

Adhesive tape manufacturer serving the flexo industry, tesa, has outlined details of its audit process, which may be of interest to EFIA members.

“Our aim is to fully understand your processes, issues and objectives. Before we can recommend specific platemounting tapes we need to know as much about the jobs you are printing, for example, are they long or short runs, is line work more prominent or solids? 

Additionally, do you encounter pinholing, barring or plate-lift problems from time-to-time? The only way we can find this out is to spend time on the floor in production, from the proofer-mounter to the printer and beyond. 

The audit itself takes in 5 steps: first, establishing the background where we look at criteria such as print quality, press performance, waste/cost-reduction initiatives, reducing re-mounts and overall speed. Then it’s onto the pre-press department to look at current issues there, such as plate damage during demounting, the impact these issues can have on the area itself but also production. 

Machine data is then gathered including the type of presses and their capabilities such as how many colours they print. 

From here it’s to the print department to see if there are any specific issues here; for example, it may be a particular job which always causes a problem such as ‘pick-ups’ which can potentially cause costly press downtime. 

Once the audit has been completed, all the information collected and analysed we then present our recommendations. Depending on the type of jobs being printed this may vary from a short trial run with for example, tesa Softprint® X-Hard if pinholing is a regular or intermittent issue. 

Alternatively, for regular, very long print runs we may suggest considering tesa Twinlock® where sleeves can be reused numerous times reducing waste but not flexibility. 

Whatever form our recommendations take, they are with the aim of addressing and eliminating issues you currently face – ones which you may be aware of or even possibly ones you are not.”

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