Siegwerk Wins Sustainable Innovation Award

Siegwerk, FIAUK Diamond Partner and one of the leading global providers of printing inks and coatings for packaging applications and labels, is delighted to have received the “Sustainable Innovation” award for its packaging ink series, UniNATURE, at the 2023 British Coatings Federation (BCF) annual awards event held in Birmingham.  

The BCF Awards celebrate excellence and recognise innovation in the UK coatings industry, and with over 200 delegates, this year’s event was the biggest ever in the 13-year history of the awards. 

Graham Tattam, General Manager at Siegwerk UK & IRL commented “It is such an honour to receive this award from the BCF and shows once again that we are on the right track to significantly drive the development of sustainable packaging.”  

Siegwerk always invests a lot of time to bring forward-looking solutions to life that enable the design of circular packaging solutions. From R&D, raw material sourcing and industrialisation to application technology and sales, there are many teams involved to successfully roll-out a new series to the market. UniNATURE is Siegwerk’s sustainable water-based ink range for paper and board applications that is formulated with natural components and thus partly replaces fossil carbon with bio-renewable carbon, concretely contributing to defossilisation in the sense of a circular economy.  

UniNATURE incorporates up to 50% renewable carbon content which is up to nine times more compared to standard water-based inks, and thus provides an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional inks without impacting the recyclability of paper and board packaging while contributing to reducing microplastics in inks. UniNATURE is applicable for many paper & board applications including corrugated board boxes, trays and displays, fast food packaging, sacks and bags, as well as cups and wraps. It supports various printing applications whilst meeting the highest market and regulatory standards.  

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